Carcassonne Castle Wine Tour

This tour is more than just an exploration of the medieval Cité de Carcassonne, you actually get to experience three regions: Cabardès, Carcassonne, and Limoux.

Discover the mystery behind the origin of sparkling wine in Limoux, where the abbot Dom Pérignon discovered by accident the process of secondary fermentation and created the world-famous sparkling wine.

Lunch provides you with the opportunity to take part in medieval fare, including the Languedoc’s most famous dish of cassoulet, or one of many other amazing French dishes. The day is full of culture (dating back to the 12th Century), delicious wines, and amazing gourmet food!

10:00 — You will be picked up and taken on a lovely scenic drive to Carcassonne. Here you will take a stroll around the castle walls to discover the fascinating history of Carcassonne and its famous fortress. This is followed by a private open-air wine tasting of Cabardès wine, right on the castle ramparts, with a fabulous view of the Cabardès hills.

12:00 — Lunch is at one of the best restaurants within the old castle walls offering everything from a traditional cassoulet (a hearty white bean, pork, and duck stew) to coeurs de canard (duck heart) and other regional (maybe lighter) culinary dishes.

14:00 — The tour continues with a visit to the beautiful " Domaine la Louvière" deep in the Malepere appellation between Carcassonne & Limoux for a visit of the cave & vineyards followed by of course a tasting of their fantastic range of fine wines.

Our last stop of the day is to the cave & museum of "Sieur d'arques" in nearby Limoux. The abbott Dom Perignon discovered Sparkling wine (secondary fermentation) here and firmly established Limoux as a renowned area for producing some of France's finest sparkling wines with it's Blanquette's and Cremants.

17:00 — You will be returned to your accommodations at the end of your wine tour experience.

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    Beautiful day in Languedoc

    ​Had a absolutely wonderful day wine tasting with Matt in the Languedoc. My husband, our two year old and I all loaded up into Matt's van where he began explaining the history of wine in the region. He is very knowledgable and answered all our questions! We went to three wineries-all very different. From large production wineries, to a tiny one in a rural mountain town, all were fabulous and gave us an excellent introduction to wine tasting in the region. For lunch he stopped along a river where he set up a fabulous lunch for the 3 of us. His wife even packed crayons be paper for our daughter to play with, so thoughtful! All in all it was a wonderful day that we would not have experienced without Matt's help. Thank you!

    Tracy B
    San Fransisco