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Happy New Year 2016

By Matthew Saunders | Blog

Jan 18
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Corbieres vineyardsnow 1snow 2

Happy New Year one and all !

January in the Languedoc is glorious if you’ve just returned from nearly 3 weeks in the U.K with floods & extreme winds !

Last week walking the dog in the vineyards with 26 degrees and observing all the vignerons pruning and taking  stock of their vines in anticipation of spring certainly fills one with the realisation that spring is just around the corner.

Reds still seem to be a seasonal favourite in our bar à vins ( InspiréAzille) but rosé weather will soon be with us as clients start booking for spring & summer wine  tours in the Languedoc, we are reminded how short our winter really is.

But today we have snow !! and how wonderful and beautiful the vineyards look, the children of Azille are all very happy in their wellies but i’m afraid it will be short lived, here in the Languedoc the snow rarely lasts too long, but for now we will wonder in the bright beauty of it and sip some more hearty reds next to the fire !

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